M Anupama Devi

M Anupama Devi
Integrated PhD Student

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My interests lie in behavioural ecology, population genetics and evolution. I am particularly interested in studying micro-evolutionary patterns that arise as a result of climate change and anthropogenic causes. For my PhD, I am studying populations of the three species of palm squirrels found in India, specifically looking at their interactions in the areas of overlap between multiple species. I will be focusing on the changes in life-history traits (eg: fecundity, litter size, dispersal etc.) that occur in species that have overlap in their territories. Additionally, I will be comparing the genetic trends across different populations of the three species.

Before this, I had briefly worked on studying the population connectivity of the Himalayan marmot and the Long-tailed marmot in the Trans-Himalayas. During my BSc, I did a short internship at the Insect Reproduction Lab, Deshbandhu College in which I looked at the effect of Farnesol on the morphology, mating behaviour and reproductive success of Dysdercus koenigii .

Talks and Posters

  • M Anupama Devi, K.L. Vinay and V V Robin. 2019. Sexing of a monomorphic bird ‘White Bellied Sholicola’ (Sholicola albiventris), using molecular techniques and morphometric measurements. Poster at the ‘National Symposium on Avian Biology’, IISER Tirupati. December 2019.

Grants and Fellowships

  • IISER Fellowship
  • CSIR-UGC NET (June 2021)

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