Dr. R. Brawin Kumar

Dr. R. Brawin Kumar
Post Doctoral Fellow

  • Brawin Kumar

I am interested in studying the distribution, ecology and status of threatened, lesser-known small mammals for conservation. I mainly work on two rare mammal species such as Paraechinus nudiventris and Cremnomys elvira. I am aiming to further strengthen scientific works, heighten the public awareness and build capacity for the conservation of lesser-known animals in India.


Book Chapter:

  • Kumar, B., Anitha, K., Watve, A., Mani, S., Rehel, S. and Arisdason.W (2011). The status and distribution of aquatic plants of the Western Ghats. Chapter 6, pp. 73-86. In: Molur, S., Smith, K.G., Daniel, B.A. and Darwall, W.R.T. (Eds), The status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in the Western Ghats, India. Cambridge, UK and Gland, Switzerland: IUCN, and Coimbatore, India: Zoo Outreach Organisation. 116p. [PDF of the complete book available on IUCN website].

Research Papers:

  • Kumar. B, (2010). Isolation of metal degrading bacteria from metal industry soil. Proceedings of TNSCST, DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi. 291-292 pp.
  • Kumar. B, (2012). My Prickly Friend, the Mulleli! Blackbuck Newsletter - Madras Naturalists’ Society. 28 (1–4) 44-50.
  • Kalaimani, A., Nath, A., and Kumar, B, (2012). A note on records of rare and endemic Duttaphrynus hololius (Günther, 1876) from Tamil Nadu, Eastern Ghats, India, Frog Leg December 2012, PP. 27–30.
  • Kumar. B, (2013). Small Mammal Conservation Awareness Programs in Tamil Nadu, India. Small Mammal Mail 5:(2) 23-25 pp.
  • Kumar. B, and Iyer, P, (2013). Pledge for Hedgehogs, Zoos Print Journal 28: 1-3.
  • Ganesh. S.R., Kalaimani, Anukul, N., and Kumar, B, (2013). First observations on the larval characteristics of Gunther’s toad Duttaphrynus hololius (Gunther, 1876) Herpetotropicos. Vol. 9 (1-2):05-08.
  • Kumar. B, (2014). Small mammal awareness programme for local communities in Tamil Nadu. Small Mammal Mail 6:(1) 24-28.
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  • Kumar. B, (2015).Small Mammals Conservation Education programmes in Tamil Nadu. Small Mammal Mail 7(1) 26-27.
  • Kumar. B, and Nijman (2016). Medicinal uses and trade of Madras Hedgehogs Paraechinus nudiventris in Tamil Nadu, India. TRAFFIC Bulletin, 28(1):7-10.
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  • Kumar. B, Togo. J and Singh. R. (2018). The South Indian Hedgehog, Paraechinus nudiventris (Horsfield, 1851): Review of distribution data, additional localities, and comments on habitat and conservation. Mammalia. 83 (4).DOI: 10.1515/mammalia-2018-0128.
  • Kumar. B, Babu. S and Kumara. H.N. (2018). Predicting the potential distribution of lesser-known endemic Madras Hedgehog Paraechinus nudiventris (Order: Eulipotyphla, Family: Erinaceidae), Southern India. Mammalia. 83 (5).DOI: 10.1515/mammalia-2018-0101.
  • Kumar. B, Cheng. J, Ge. D, Xia. L and Yang. Q (2019).Phylogeography and ecological niche modeling unravel the evolutionary history of the Yarkand hare, Lepus yarkandensis (Mammalia: Leporidae), through the Quaternary. BMC Evolutionary Biology DOI:10.1186/s12862-019-1426-z.
  • Kumar, B., Talmale, S.S. & Molur, S (2020). New Data on Morphometry and Appendicular Skeleton of South Indian Hedgehog Paraechinus nudiventris Horsfield, 1851 (Mammalia: Eulipotyphla: Erinaceidae) from Urban Landscapes of Tamil Nadu, India. Proceedings of the Zoological Society 73, 205–214. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12595-020-00321-x.

Talks and Posters

Grants and Fellowships


  • TAMIL NADU STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STUDENT RESEARCH PROJECT: Principal Investigator | ANJAC College, Sivakasi, TN | April 2009 –2010. Isolation of metal degrading bacteria from metal industry soil, Sivakasi, India.
  • WWF INDIA SMALL GRANT PROJECT: Principal Investigator | Salem, TN | April 2013 – June 2014. Evaluation of conservation status of the Critically Endangered Large Rock Rat Cremnomys elvira.
  • PALANI HILLS CONSERVATION COUNCIL, KODAIKANAL: Volunteer | Genguvarpatti, TN | May 2015 – August 2015. Documenting rare plants in tropical dry evergreen forests in Palani hills, India.
  • RAVI SANKARAN INLAKS RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP – SMALL GRANT PROJECT: Principal Investigator | South Tamil Nadu | July 2016 – September 2017. Prickly spines and villagers: Understand the distribution, ecology and initiate conservation outreach for least studied, endemic Paraechinus nudiventris (Bare bellied hedgehog) in rural landscapes of south Tamil Nadu.
  • THE CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES-THE WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCES INTERNATIONAL PHD FELLOWSHIP (CAS-TWAS): PhD Student |Institute of Zoology, Beijing, China| September 2015- July 2019. The influence of the Quaternary climate oscillations on phylogeographic history and range shift of Yarkand hare, Lepus yarkandensis.
  • THE IDEA WILD- RESEARCH EQUIPMENT GRANT USA: Principal Investigator |October 2018. Conservation research on lesser-known hedgehogs in South Tamil Nadu.
  • THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON ZSL-EDGE OF EXISTENCE FELLOWSHIP (ZSL-EDGE): Principal Investigator | May 2019- April 2021. Community based monitoring and survey to conserve the Elvira Rat (Cremnomys elvira) in Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India.
  • SERB- NATIONAL POST DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP (NPDF), GOVT OF INDIA: Principal Investigator | February 2020- ongoing. Phylogeography, taxonomic reassessment of the endemic Indian rock rats in the genus Cremnomys (Rodentia, Muridae) to understand evolutionary history, climate change impacts for conservation.
  • HOLOHIL GRANT PROGRAM (HGP), CANADA: Principal Investigator | February 2022- January 2023. Spatial Ecology and Home Range Study of Rare, Critically Endangered Large Rock Rat Cremnomys elvira from Eastern Ghats of India.


  • The International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) has awarded a travel grant to attend the “2nd International Training Course on Frontier in Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology” Institute of Zoology, Beijing China from 23rd November to 1st December 2014.
  • The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Italy has awarded a travel grant to initiate the “International CAS TWAS PhD research study” in Beijing on 27 July 2015.
  • The Zoological Society of London – EDGE fellowship has awarded a travel grant to attend the one-month training course on the title ‘Conservation tools training course’ in Borneo Island, Malaysia on 16th January 2019 – 14 February 2019.

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