Publications #

  • Harsha Kumar, Dhanesh Ponnu, Senan D'Souza, Dhiraj Das, Skarma Thundup & Nandini Rajamani. 2023. Scale-dependent niche segregation along dimensions of rocks, vegetation and elevation in sympatric Pikas of Ladakh. Authorea. March 20, 2023.
    DOI: 10.22541/au.167934323.36333229/v1

  • Harsha Kumar, Senan D'Souza, Dhanesh Ponnu & Nandini Rajamani. 2023. Characterization of haying behaviour by the Ladakh Pika(Ochotona ladacensis) and the Nubra Pika (Ochotona nubrica) from the Changthang, Ladakh, India. (In review at Journal of Mammalogy)

  • Aravind P S, Sanjay Prasad Ganguli, Senan D'Souza, & Nandini Rajamani. 2023. Nesting behaviour of Indian Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica) in the exotic timber plantations of the Palani Hills, Western Ghats, India. (Preprint submitted) https://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3....

  • Anouch Tamian, Vincent A Viblanc, F Stephen Dobson, Peter Neuhaus, Tracey L Hammer, Anna P Nesterova, Shirley Raveh, Amy L Skibiel, David Broussard, Theodore G Manno, Nandini Rajamani, Claire Saraux. 2022.Integrating microclimatic variation in phenological responses to climate change: a 28-year study in a hibernating mammal. Ecosphere 13(5): e4059. https://doi.org/10.1002/ecs2.4059

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Talks and Posters #

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Theses #

* Cases where Nandini was the External Advisor

*Rithika S. 2022. A study on the usage of a citizen science platform as a tool for biodiversity analysis across the urban-rural gradient of Tirupati. Master's Thesis, Pondicherry University.

Harsha Jagadeesh. 2022. A study on camouflage-influenced behavioural decisions in Funambulus palmarum. Master's Thesis, IISER Tirupati.

Keerthi O. 2022. Coat colouration and camouflage advantages in giant squirrels in the genus Ratufa. Master's Thesis, IISER Tirupati

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Other #

  • 2016: Furthering Science Between India & Europe: a DBT EMBO Initiative. (To be uploaded)
  • 2016: Bringing Foldscopes to India. LINK

  • 2015: Furthering Science Between India & Europe. LINK