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Overview #

In this research group, we study the behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology of animal populations, often within the context of environmental and habitat change. We work across multiple landscapes in India, including the Trans-Himalayas, Western, and Eastern Ghats. Our model system involves species from the squirrel family (Sciuridae) but also extends to the Pikas (Ochotonidae). We also encourage public participation in squirrel data-gathering, through our citizen science initiatives.

This research group is based out of the Biology Department at IISER Tirupati.

Latest News #

  • Congratulations to Mrugank Dake and Anushesh Nigam for completing their Masters' theses with the Sciurid Lab. They studied acoustics of palm squirrels and macro-nutrient profile of squirrel diet, respectively.
  • Pooja Gupta completes her 6 month art-science research scholarship in the Sciurid Lab, supported by Creature Conserve. The partnership resulted in the Squirrels of India social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook).
  • Nandini begins term as the Secretary of the Ethological Society of India.

Team #

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If you would like to join the lab, here's how you can get in touch with us.