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Post Docs #

Dr. Brawin Kumar R. | IISER Tirupati Postdoctoral Fellow | 2021-2022
Post Doctoral Thesis: Phylogeography, taxonomic reassessment of the endemic Indian rock rats in the genus Cremnomys (Rodentia, Muridae) to understand the evolutionary history and climate change impacts for conservation.

Bishwarup Paul | Postdoctoral Fellow | 2019-2020

Project: Impact of human-influenced rapid environmental changes on Indian palm squirrels.

MS Thesis #

Rithika S| Researcher | 2021-2022
Master's Thesis (Pondicherry University): A study on the usage of a citizen science platform as a tool for biodiversity analysis across the urban-rural gradient of Tirupati.

Harsha Jagadeesh | IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | 2021-2022
Master's Thesis: A study on camouflage-influenced behavioural decisions in Funambulus palmarum

Keerthi O | IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | 2021-2022
Master's Thesis: Coat colouration and camouflage advantages in giant squirrels in the genus Ratufa.

Anushesh Nigam | IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | 2020-2021
Master's Thesis: Quantitative analysis of macronutrients in palm squirrel diet.

Mrugank Dake | IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | 2020-2021
Master's Thesis: Seasonal patterns in acoustics of palm squirrels.

Dhanesh P. | Researcher | 2018-2020
Project: Habitat associations of pikas in the Trans-Himalayas.
Master's Thesis (AVC College): Nest site selection in Funambulus palmarum.

Shijisha AC
| IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | 2017-2020
Master's Thesis: Coat colour variation in palm squirrels of the genus Funambulus.

Pranav Unnikrishnan
| IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | 2019-2020
Master's Thesis: Explaining the evolution of colour & patterns in squirrels using meta-analyses and experimental approaches.

Athira Aravind | Researcher | Spring, Summer 2019
Master's Thesis(Mar Athanasios College For Advanced Studies, Tiruvalla): Amplification and Sequence Analysis of Nuclear gene (EMB) of Indian Euphorbia species

Sanjay Prasad
| Researcher | Spring 2019
Master's Thesis (Pondicherry University): Habitat selection of Indian giant squirrel Ratufa indica.

BS Thesis #

Kartik Pillai | Researcher | Spring 2020
Project: Genetics and diet analysis of the small felids of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai.

Projects #

Pooja Gupta | Independent Multimedia Artist | 2020-2021
Project: Using social networking tools to communicate key scientific and conservation messages regarding the squirrels of India.

Namita Chutani | IISER Tirupati iPhD student | Spring 2019
Project: Molecular techniques with marmot faecal samples.

Suyash Sawant
| IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | 2018-2019
Project: Classifying and monitoring calling patterns in Dusky palm squirrel Funambulus sublineatus in Palani hills.
Project: Morphometric variation in Southern flying squirrel Glaucomys volans.

Harikrishnan CP | IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | Spring 2018
Project: Camera trapping at IIT Tirupati.

Anubhav Dhar
| IISER Tirupati BS-MS student | Monsoon 2017
Project: Evaluating methods to detect the biological origin of potential wildlife trade products.

Mihir Sule
| Researcher | Monsoon 2017
Project: Taxonomic identity of succulent Euphorbias in South India.