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I have broad interests in wildlife population and invasion ecology and work primarily with palm squirrels. This is among the most common systems, in that squirrels vary in their response to human-induced modifications. I am studying the occurrence of squirrels in novel habitats to develop a deeper understanding of their movement and persistence. My projects are primarily based in the Western Ghats - although I am currently involved in conducting a baseline biodiversity inventory of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, which is available to the public. Apart from squirrels, I am also very interested in the organisms they interact with.


Research Papers:

  • Aravind, P. S., Joe, G., Dhanesh, P., & Nandini, R. (2021). Food habits of the Dusky-striped Squirrel Funambulus sublineatus (Mammalia: Rodentia: Sciuridae). Journal of Threatened Taxa, 13(2), 17827-17831. DOI: 10.11609/jot.6202.13.2.17827-1783.
  • Jude, D., Aravind, P. S., Chanda, R., M. Subash & Jobin, V., 2021. Provisioning behaviour of Malabar Starling Sturnia blythii. Indian BIRDS. (In press)

Talks and Posters

  • Dhanesh, P., Aravind P. S., Senan D’Souza, and Nandini Rajamani. 2018. Is commensal behaviour responsible for range shifts in a palm squirrel?. Poster at the ‘XLII Annual Conference of Ethological Society of India & National Conference on Animal Behaviour Biodiversity and Human Future’. Calicut University, Calicut. December 2018.
  • Nivetha Murugesan, Aravind P. S., and Nandini Rajamani. 2019. Acoustic signals of species recognition in palm squirrels. Poster at ‘Bioacoustics meeting’, IISER Tirupati. 14 March 2019.
  • Aravind, P S., Subhrajit Goswami, Ankila J. Hiremath, and Bharath Sundaram. 2019. Long-term impacts of Lantana camara invasion in a heterogeneous landscape of a biodiversity hotspot. Poster at the ‘15th International Conference on Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions’, Czech Academy of Sciences, Průhonice, Czech Republic. September 2019.
  • Dhanesh P, Aravind P. S., Arasumani M., Ravi Kiran Arigela, K. Althaf Ahamed Kabeer, Vasanth Bosco, Jobin Varughese, and V. V. Robin. 2019. Monitoring grassland restoration to aid populations of the threatened endemic bird, Nilgiri Pipit. Poster at the ‘National Symposium on Avian Biology’ , IISER Tirupati. December 2019.
  • Biswarup Paul, Senan D’Souza, Swati Udayaraj, Aravind P. S., and Nandini Rajamani. 2020. Modelling palm squirrel distribution with citizen science, social media and traditional data sources. Talk at the ‘CitSci India 2020 conference’. Online. September 2020. Modeling palm squirrel distributions with citizen science, social media and traditional data sources
  • Swati Udayraj, Aravind P. S., Senan D’Souza, and Nandini Rajamani. 2022. Pan-India to Tirupati: Understanding patterns of squirrel occurrence. Talk at the Eastern Ghats symposium on ‘Conserving Biodiversity of the Eastern Ghats: Challenges and the way forward’ , Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. May 2022.

Grants and Fellowships

  • Summer program fellowship, IISER Mohali, to carry out research consultation with the supervisor and to attend series of lectures delivered by scientists- June 2017

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